Cultural Catalyst Program

It was a pleasure having our team experience time with Alicia to explore various Corporate mindful and emotional intelligence topics and techniques. Alicia was professional from the beginning of the planning stages through to the end and included a beautiful array of delicious snacks for the day. A highlight from the day, was several of the techniques Alicia shared, reminded us that we all have options available to support our wellness that do not require a cost and can be done anywhere. Takeaways like this from training sessions, are simple, easy, and quick to leverage at a later time when needed the most. We look forward to working with Alicia in the future and are grateful we had the pleasure of connecting with her!
Cortney Schultz
Systems Manager Human Resources
“Alicia worked with our team at Four County in March of 2022 by introducing us to the “Cultural Catalyst”.  With the changing workforce landscape we decided to deliver this course to our employees as a way of arming them with the tools they needed to be successful in their roles.    We did not know when we made that decision on how impactful this course would be for both personal and professional growth.   The tools that we learned in this program helped me and all of our team members to develop ways of developing a better sense of self and work-life balance.   As a result of our sharing and team work I feel like this brought the team closer together as bonus.  We loved working with Alicia and would highly recommend this program to any team”.  
Dana Soucie
/ Executive Director
Working with Alicia has been like coming home to a best friend. Her compassion and understanding met me where I was at in my journey and helped me feel comfortable and open right from day one. The course itself was a perfect combination of introspection and pushing my limits in a controlled way. Each week built upon itself and it didn’t make sense at the time but makes so much sense now. For someone who has been on a self-development journey for a number of years, it still helped me dive deep and reflect, become even more self-aware and armed me with a toolbelt of skills, resources and confidence in moving through my next steps in this life. I highly recommend working with Alicia, her professionalism and essence shine through the moment you’re lucky enough to meet her.
/ Clarity Catalyst

Youth Program

Personally, in this program, I felt welcomed when I was talking with everyone. I had lots of fun and the program’s lessons were interesting. I still use a few of the lesson tools, such as voice mirroring and flip the coin tricks. Alicia is someone you can feel comfortable with and have fun with. She’s nice and understanding. I never felt judged, because most of the time, the people you are with have been or are in the same position as you. I recommend this program; it helped a lot! Thanks guys!
/ 12 years student
Throughout my time with Alicia's program, I learned a lot. It helped me gain confidence in myself and learn ways to help myself while I'm feeling overwhelmed and stressed. It also gave me a safe place to explain my feelings without feeling judged. This program also allowed me to meet new people. It helped me learn that you cannot control how other people feel about you, and their actions so it's not worth stressing over things that won't be important in years to come. It helped me learn coping skills and how to get through day-to-day tasks without feeling overwhelmed. It helped me learn new activities to help me with the different struggles I was having. Overall this was an incredible program that I enjoyed and I would recommend it to anyone, as it helped me a lot, especially, Alicia.
/ 14 years old student