Understanding Your Own

Inner SuperHero

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“You have everything you will ever need already inside of you”

If I could go back and tell my younger self anything in the world it would be this, “You have everything you will ever need already inside of you” I would remind her that she was born with an intuition it’s hers alone and if used properly it could be her compass. I would teach her about being authentic and true to herself. I would tell her to pay extra attention to the things she is passionate about, they are not random at all, they are the clues that will lead her to her purpose. I would ensure her that they only moment that matters is the present. I would tell her to be brave with her life, to always lead with compassion for others and more importantly for herself. At almost forty I am living and learning these foundations daily. Although I can’t go back to my younger self and tell her everything I know now, I can teach so many others the importance of these tools and building a strong foundation to carry you through this incredible journey called life.

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